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Personal Survival Techniques (STCW)

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Duration : 1 Day(s)

Approval: MCA


Personal Survival Techniques is a mandatory minimum requirement for familiarisation and basic safety training and instruction for all seafarers. 

Before being assigned to shipboard duties, all persons employed or engaged on a seagoing ship, other than passengers, should receive approved familiarisation training in Personal Survival Techniques to be able to survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment.

This course is STCW MCA Approved and is conducted in accordance with their training standards.  During this course learners will undertake practical training in the use of life jackets and inflatable life rafts.


Special Notes:

Learners or booking companies MUST ensure that one of the below forms of personal identification is available to be presented at course registration:

  • Passport
  • Discharge Book (or equivalent National document recording a person's sea service)
  • National I.D. Card

The above request is enforced by the MCA. 


£165.00 Excl vat


Course/ On-site Car Park/ Hot or Cold Lunch/ Wifi/ Hot Drinks Throughout the Day



Event Date Available Spaces Book
16/08/2022 0 Fully Booked
23/08/2022 5
14/09/2022 14
20/09/2022 11
28/09/2022 14
11/10/2022 9
18/10/2022 14
27/10/2022 15
08/11/2022 16
15/11/2022 16
23/11/2022 15
07/12/2022 16
13/12/2022 16