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Basic Fire Prevention & Firefighting (STCW)

Course Info

Duration : 2.5 Day(s)

Approval: MCA


Firefighting Merchant Navy Basic, in an element of the STCW training course.

This is a mandatory minimum requirement for familiarisation and basic safety training and instruction for all seafarers.

Before being assigned to shipboard duties, all persons employed or engaged on a seagoing ship, other than passengers, should receive approved familiarisation training in Basic Fire Prevention and Firefighting to be able to take immediate action upon encountering a fire on-board ship.

Special Notes:

Learners or booking companies MUST ensure that one of the below forms of personal identification is available to be presented at course registration:

  • Passport
  • Discharge Book (or equivalent National document recording a person's sea service)
  • National I.D. Card

The above request is enforced by the MCA. 


£624.00 Excl vat



Course/ On-site Car Park/ Hot or Cold Lunch/ Wifi/ Hot Drinks Throughout the Day



Event Date Available Spaces Book
14/12/2022 9
25/01/2023 9
22/02/2023 10
22/03/2023 10
19/04/2023 10
24/05/2023 9
21/06/2023 10
19/07/2023 10
16/08/2023 10
13/09/2023 10
11/10/2023 10
08/11/2023 10
06/12/2023 10