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OIM Controlling Emergencies - Training

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Duration : Dependent on Number of Delegates - See Below Day(s)

Approval: HOTA Attendance Only



OIM Controlling Emergencies courses are ran for prospective OIM’s who have not previously had any formal training in the management of major emergencies. The course consists of andintroduction to the Roles and Responsibilities, Stress Management, Team Dynamics and Command, Control and Communications.


Each delegate will be exposed to the full range of scenarios required in the formal assessment process (OPITO Approved) i.e. non-escalating, escalating and abandonment. As these courses tend to be platform specific, the full “team” should accompany the OIM on this training. The advantage of bringing his own team is twofold, firstly he knows the people and has confidence in their abilities to support him and secondly the team gets exposure and the practical benefits of working in a simulated environment.


A HOTA certificate will be awarded on completion of this course. HOTA recommends that the OIM books his formal assessment no sooner than three months from the date of the training but no later than twelve months. This period gives ample time for him/her to take part (and lead) offshore table top exercises.


1 Delegate - 1 Day

2 Delegates - 2 Days

3 Delegates - 3 Days



Special Notes:

These courses are set up on request.  Please contact claire@hota.org for possible dates   





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