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Whats Happening with the BOSIET?

BOSIET training course is under review again and changes are expected to take place to include the new Category A - Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS).

The BOSIET Review Group have prioritised the implementation of the CA-EBS over the rest of the training course.

Emily Taylor, who sits on the Review Group, said: “The BOSIET is reviewed every four years and this year our main focus is to make sure we can include the new breathing system in a safe and sustainable way.

“There are still lots of questions about logistics and health controls but we are making progress and the whole review should be finished within three months. But the most important thing is to make a safe solution, not a fast one.”

CA-EBS training courses were set up all over the UK in August 2014 and currently form a separate part of the three-day BOSIET course.

“CA-EBS training will teach delegates how to exhale while they rise to the surface,” continued Emily. “One of the best features of the new system is the extra breathing time it gives the guys and girls, so BOSIET delegates will be able to experience how much time they have to breathe underwater.

“Obviously, there are going to be risks involved in using the CA-EBS in the water, but they are extremely small because training courses are undertaken in extremely controlled environments.”

The BOSIET standard is held by OPITO and although it is currently a global standard, this is likely to change.

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